Sunday, September 23, 2012

Portraits of Promise Exhibit at Gloucester County College

Hanging 110 paintings!
Opening reception

Luis Santana with his portrait
Cameron Kelly with her portrait

We had a wonderful turnout- thank you so much to everyone who came!  "Portraits of Promise", which includes 110 portraits accompanied by statements from the models, will be on exhibit through October 17, 2012. It is part of a group exhibit at Gloucester County College in Sewell, NJ which includes the work of five other artists working in various media in adjoining galleries.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog so far and commented on the alla prima portrait posts- thanks to the many models, the parents, the artists who painted along with me and who supported me emotionally and helped to fund this project.  Thanks to Karen Marshal for baking,  to Brad Mays for the awesome video on, and to everyone who supported my Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to Jim Repenning for putting up with my endless requests to adjust the lighting, and for the great music mixes.  Thanks to my husband, Phil, who looked at every portrait I brought home, no matter how late, and always had a word of encouragement. Thanks to Dr. Ross Beitzel, curator of the exhibit, for believing in this project from the early days when I was not so sure myself.  I have been helped by many people in the course of this series, and have felt very supported, encouraged and blessed; I am grateful to all of you.


  1. So glad that I was there to see it!! Congratulations on the accomplishment.

  2. Me too! Thanks for all of your help hanging the show! You and Tom Belton were a huge help! Thanks for coming all the way from Colorado to help me get everything ready and to see the show!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Natalie!!! I love how these beautiful portraits were hung..and the faces on these models show how they feel about their portraits. You did a wonderful job and you should be so proud of yourself!! Now, I look forward to your next venture!!!

  4. Thank you! It feels a little weird to be finished. Maybe I'll just breathe a little...