Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#89 Grace- One Hundred Alla Prima Portraits of American Teenagers

"We teenagers are egocentric.  Not a completely negative thing; we who are discovering ourselves find it difficult to think of anything else.  We simply need to discover in ourselves a sympathy for others."  (Some of the things that are important to you) "My daily walk is number one!  John Adams said it best, 'Walking dispels melancholy'."  (Advice for other teens) "We would all do well to cultivate friendships with the elderly.  They are so frequently bored and lonely and just want to share their wisdom and stories of the world they grew up in." (Most difficult issue facing teens today) "I think we've lost the idea of the 'craftsman'.  So many are obliged to pursue occupations that aren't personally satisfying."

Wow.  How can you not love Grace?  She is a student at Studio Incamminati, and I was fortunate to  get a chance to know her this year- she was in my figure drawing class. An amazing young woman, and quite a good artist.  What is that saying by Sargent, "a portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth"? Does that also apply to the ear? I love this painting, and I feel that I really nailed the likeness, but there is a little something off with the ear....


  1. Beautiful girl, beautiful portrait, beautiful thoughts.
    Now about that ear!... I never noticed it until I read you commentary. Perhaps it bothers you because it's so warm? If you cooled it down a bit, maybe you wouldn't mind it, and you would not find it distracting.

  2. I was immediately drawn to this one. Maybe it's just over analyzing on your part about the ear.

  3. I love this painting, Natalie!! and she is an incredible girl...I loved what she said about the elderly..beautiful teenager!

  4. Gosh! What a beautiful that bright scarf in her hair! I kind of see what you mean about the ear, but like Pam, it didn't jump out at me as being off. I was trying to figure out what might have caused you to feel that way and I think the Shirley's suggestion is valid plus I think it might be the shape, too. The ear shape looks almost as if you would see it straight on as opposed to a slight angle. These things are so difficult to discern when you're caught up in the moment of painting!! Especially alla prima!!!!!