Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#83 Veronica- One Hundred Alla Prima Portraits of American Teenagers

 "Teenagers today are concerned with a search for genuine love and attention, which is overshadowed and confused by media, texting, Facebook and the internet, all channels through which we think we find ourselves and 'friends', but in reality are traps in which we loose ourselves." (Some things that are important to you)  "My hope in Jesus Christ has given me constancy through difficult situations, and shown me that love is a total gift of self- which helps me love my family, my friends, my education, and my life in a more full way!" (Most difficult issue teens are faced with today) "The most difficult issue teens are faced with is the lies that the media feeds us about how we can find happiness and satisfaction.  Especially as a girl, I can say that the media has never made me feel beautiful."

This portrait was painted this four months ago, on my birthday.  I am really happy with the way it came out.  I love painting glasses! There are so many cool possibilities with the shadows they cast.  This week I'm teaching a portrait painting workshop at Studio Incamminati, and today I was teaching closed grisaille, or what we call "duo tone". Its really quite similar to how the lights on her face were developed, building form with planes and values.

Monday Nelson Shanks dropped by for a surprise visit to the workshop.  Everybody was thrilled to meet him. He went around helping students in a low key way. We are going  to visit  his studio tomorrow, which everyone is really excited about. Its always amazing to see his work, and I love being in his studio and seeing his paintings in progress.

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  1. A beautiful portrait of Veronica. She sounds like a very smart young lady!! love the way you painted the glasses...those shadow are awesome. I hope that your blog changes from 100 to 200 portraits of American Teenagers!!