Thursday, July 5, 2012

#82 Zachary - One Hundred Alla Prima Portraits of American Teenagers


(The most difficult issue facing teens today) "Peer pressure and bullying from other kids." (Advice for other teens) "Think about what you do before you do it. Make smart decisions." (My hope for the future is) "That I can get a good job doing something I like."
Zach is also one of the high school students participating in "Mohawks for Mom", raising awareness for cancer research, in honor of Jane Bingham.  His mohawk was not very long yet, and I was glad to be able to get most of him on the 14 x 14 canvas! I learned that the dyes they use for the really strong colors don't stay in very long. Another wonderful model, I loved painting him. Some of the edges of this one look too sharp to me, giving it a cut out look.  But otherwise I'm pleased.


  1. I think this is beautifully painted, Natalie. Love the skin tones and Zachary looks to be a very smart young man.

  2. I do like this painting, too. I'm thinking that the background color with the reddish skin tones could have something to do with the edges appearing sharp, since they are near complements. But I really like this portrait and the lively brushwork!!

  3. Love all your teens!! This one must have been really fun to paint.

  4. Thank you! Amy- maybe that does have something to do with the effect of the edges. I didn't even think of that! I hope you are landscape painting and enjoying your summer!