Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#79 Carlos- One Hundred Alla Prima Portraits of American Teenagers

(Advice for other teens)  "Stay in school because without an education life will be hard for you." (Most difficult issue teen are are faced with today) "The friends they are with because some friends want you to do drugs and thats why you have to be with friends that will keep you out of trouble."

Carlos is also in the Urban Promise Streetleader program in Camden.  He was very friendly and interested in our paintings, and likes to draw. I was really interested in doing a double portrait with him and the photo image of the young man on his hoodie, "Sweeney".  I was very saddened to find out that Sweeney, one of his best friends, had been shot and killed just a week earlier in a robbery at a store in Camden while picking up some things for his grandfather.  He had been helping his grandfather paint his house that weekend.  Sweeney was just 17 years old.


  1. That is so sad. Teens shouldn't know the hardships of life. Too many do.

  2. Lovely portrait. So sensitive. Heartbreaking story.

  3. Such a sad post, Natalie...wonderful painting!

  4. It was heartbreaking. He was very sweet. I wish I could fix the world so no one ever had to go through something like this.