Friday, May 18, 2012

# 71 Max - One Hundred Alla Prima Portraits of American Teenagers

(Advice for other teens) "Respect people and treat them how you want to be treated". (Most difficult issue teens are faced with) "Bullying, anti-religion stuff, and new technology". (My hope for the future is)  "Fix the economy, stop anti-religion".

Max is one of the youngest models we have had, and he did a great job. Nailed the exact pose every time, and didn't move.  A real pro.  I wish I had gotten a little more feeling of roundedness on the light- to- shadow side of his face, but I still love this one.  Its so fun to paint clothing alla prima. 


  1. Perfect shade of red in his shirt...beautifully painted, Natalie.

    1. Thank you! its fun to paint reds, and so easy under artificial light to make them communicate the effect of the light source by pushing them towards orange.