Wednesday, May 16, 2012

# 70 Cassidy - One Hundred Alla Prima Portraits of American Teenagers


(Advice for other teens)  "To not worry about their image, live life to the fullest because you only get one life".  (Most difficult issue teens are faced with) "The pressure to be perfect and live up to other's standards and expectations." 

There was something very elegant about this pose and her presence. Looking at Cassidy I felt as if I was transported back in time into another era.  There is something very classic about her look. 


  1. You're right, Natalie! She looks elegant!! Beautifully painted!

  2. So lovely!! Yes, I agree...she has a very classical look about her. Just beautiful!! I love reading the excerpts from the survey. I'm impressed with how mature these teens are!

  3. Thanks. Its been amazing to me too, how wise these teens are! their statements have been very thoughtful.