Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#41 Ashlee - One Hundred Alla Prima Portraits of American Teenagers

(Advice for other teens) Slow down, stop trying to grow up so fast, you're still a kid so stop being an adult." (Things that are important to you) I find my family to be very important...and what I can do in my cousin's lives...I want a good job so I can pay for my bills and give my cousin's a good life."

I saw Ashlee and her grandmother in my local grocery store, and I was so intrigued by her distinctive look, that I couldn't resist going up to them and asking if she would like to pose for this project. She had purple streaks in her hair, and with the blue in the highlights, she was very colorful and wonderful to paint!   This painting was done on cotton canvas.


  1. Oh, wow! Love, love, love this one! The eyes are very revealing in her portrait. Beautiful painting and model! Great color for the backdrop in contrast to her skin and hair tones. And, as usual, I just love the little details in her earring.

  2. Thank you! Its really interesting picking the background colors, and its amazing how it can change the feeling of the pose. We usually hold up several drapes before we decide on which one to use.