Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sionna #26 - One Hundred Alla Prima Paintings of American Teenagers

"Most teenagers are really concerned about their schoolwork and personal life, and how to create a balance between the two.  (Advice to other teens)...just enjoy life and try not to stress over the little things that don't really matter in the long run."

Sionna is the sister of my daughter Olivia's best friend, Alana, so it was very special for me to paint her. The pose looks simple enough, and she never complained, but her mom told me later that her neck really hurt during the pose.  I see it now in her expression.  I think its hard for these young models to sit for four hours (they do get a break every 20 minutes), and I have to be really careful not to start a pose which may seem easy at the beginning, but could become difficult later on in the session.


  1. I guess since they aren't accustomed to modeling, they don't know whether a certain pose will be difficult to hold, do they???

    Such an interesting project.... and a FABULOUS way to do a series!!!

  2. Hi Marian,
    That's exactly right, sometimes the poses look easy, and I love poses with "attitude", but by about the 3rd hour its becomes pretty tough, and hurts. These models are incredible, and they do get paid, but they are not professional models, and posing for 4 hours is hard for anyone. They do get a 6 minute break every 20 minutes, and we take a longer break in the middle of the session. It is a great way to do a series, and I think doing a series is such a great way to develop and study. I am ahead of the blog, I have completed 64 portraits as of September 1. Now I have to make the final push this next few months! It would have been easy to quit if I hadn't done it as a series, and also if I hadn't put it out there and announced what I was doing.